Our Way of Working

Well-made automation can be considered as art.

Our slogan Art of Automation tells that we are passionate and enthusiastic on what we do. When Automation is used cleverly and innovatively as a tool to solve real problems and tasks, and it is implemented professionally, it can be great, like art. This way we can be proud of what we do, and our customer gain the best possible results from what automation can offer. As our customers partner we aim for boosting their success through comprehensive, skilled and flexible service. This is the standard guiding our activities, and it is our promise to our customers.

We provide industrial electrification and automation as a service to our selected customers – machine, equipment and system providers in energy, mining, marine and renewables industries.

We are able to offer a unique portfolio of competencies starting from sensor, instrument, and electrification level through automation systems and remote connections to cloud services (Industrial IoT). Our aim is to be a true partner to our clients boosting their competitiveness.



Our Service Promise

We are an innovative and dynamic forerunner, who values its customers above all else.

We genuinely commit to our customers. As our partner, you can rest assured you will always stay ahead of the game.

What We Can Offer You

Smart solutions that make an impact on your bottom line.

Our proactive smart solutions enable keeping your production going and your costs under control. Thanks to our industry knowledge, we are able to build solutions that not only answer to your needs today, but take also your future challenges into consideration.