Directors Corner / 28.02.2017

Automation and marketing

Hello World! My name is Mikko Mäkinen and I started recently as Sales director at Keskustekniikka. One of the very first tasks among familiarizing with the company and customers was renewal of our name and brand. I already knew Keskustekniikka from many years back, and also many of the clients, but renewing the brand or changing name of a company is something new to me. Well, not the first time for learning by doing -method for me, and as our team was such a great combination of energy and competence I felt pretty confident going forward.

Everything started from the fact that Keskustekniikka has been delivering much more than cabinets (the Finnish name “keskustekniikka” translates as “cabinet technology”) for years. We have CLS engineering in the group, who delivers demanding automation engineering and technology to our clients. Also we have UPG (United Project Group) who provide installations, supervision, testing and commissioning, and EIA (electrification, instrumentation, automation) engineering. So referring to cabinets in our name did not anymore describe fully what we do.

The name ARNON was selected to be very neutral. It does not really mean anything in our context, so it sure does not limit us anymore. It is up to us to build the meaning to the name. because the name is neutral, we went for a kicking slogan. It should tell who we are, what we do and what can our customers get from us. Bit of a challenge for just a few words! A big thanks to our advertising agency Propaganda, who came up with their great idea. Our job was only to describe the meaning of that.

Our slogan Art of Automation tells that we are passionate and enthusiastic on what we do. When Automation is used cleverly and innovatively as a tool to solve real problems and tasks, and it is implemented professionally, it can be great, like art. This way we can be proud of what we do, and our customer gain the best possible results from what automation can offer. As our customers partner we aim for boosting their success through comprehensive, skilled and flexible service.  This is the bar we set to ourselves in all that we do, and it is also our promise to our customers.
Just now we are living through existing times as we are rolling out our change to the market. Before this we’ve done a big internal job in communicating what is coming and why, but also asking and listening our personnel’s opinions. Some funny stories behind that and I might come back to them a bit later, but now our focus is tightly on communicating this change to our customers. This I will definitely share with you how it went.

Wish me luck, and let me wish you all a bright springtime.


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