Directors Corner / 03.07.2018

Busy spring at recruiting in ARNON

We had busy spring not only in our production but also at recruiting. ARNON is growing fast now and to ensure the growth we need to have new people to enable the growth. This is the reason why we have been so active at this spring on recruitment markets. During Q2 we managed to recruit almost 30 new experts to work for ARNON. Many new colleagues! This amount of new people includes also trainees for summer but also many new permanent employees. Some of the open positions attracted candidates well and we received plenty of great applications. The challenge was to pick up the best ones! On the other hand, we had some open positions that required so specific knowledge, that it was challenging to catch up the real experts.

This spring we participated the Responsible Summer Job campaign. The campaign brought us visibility among the summer trainee applicants, but it also made us to improve introduction period of new employees. The introduction period is the theme that we invested in especially this spring. It’s important to show our young employees that technology career has lot to offer. Hopefully we meet our summer trainees also next year!

It seems that after summer holidays our speed is not going to slow down. New open positions will be published at autumn – stay tuned!

Anni-Maria Kauppila
HR Specialist