Financial News / 25.06.2018

ARNON group’s turnover growing

The order book is on a good level. Both the turnover and the profit is expected to continue increasing.

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Financial News / 28.08.2017

ARNON groups turnover at the same level as previous comparable period

ARNON group reporting switch to calendar year and current financial period has been extended to 18 months and it end on 31st of December 2017. At the closed 12 months period 7/16 – 6/17, groups turnover was 37M€ and nearly the same level as last financial period.

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Financial News / 01.03.2017

Tampereen Keskustekniikka is now Arnon

Tampereen Keskustekniikka -group will change its name 1st of March 2017 and its subsidiary United Project Group Oy will merge into the mother company 31st of March 2017.

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