Arnon Sky

– IIOT harnessed for building a more sustainable world

“Not another IIoT platform again!” shouted our new potential client at our first meeting. I laughed – with him – as I can only agree. Everyone is preaching IoT these days – widgets & gadgets to get your “things” sending data to the cloud. You can buy a starter kit from the web and off you go – my son is doing this in school at 3rd grade. Cheap and easy technology is available for everyone. But. What should we do with that? What can you do? We decided to save the world.


ARNON SKY is our IIoT platform that is built for demanding high capacity use, originally in marine and power generation applications but applied at a variety of different industries today. We started the development before the term IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) was widely popular or over-hyped, as we had a vision of where the world will go to in terms of automation, remote monitoring, supervision, data collection and analytics.

As an IIoT platform, ARNON SKY consists of data collector & communication hardware, software drivers and services, cloud storage and HMI’s & API’s – just like any other IIoT platform. Our specialty is the terrifying capacity of connecting practically unlimited amount of devices to the cloud and especially how to manage that with reasonable cost. We’ve actually run tests with 10,000,000 analog signals per second to the cloud. Other IIoT platforms will not give you that kind of scale easily, if at all. And by using other platforms your monthly invoices will rapidly shoot through the roof. To minimize the cost, we have heavily optimized our platform for the core requirements of industrial customers. OK, this is all very interesting Mr. Mäkinen, but SO WHAT?

Like many tech companies consisting of engineers passionate about technology itself, we tried to sell this stuff tech first. By choosing this strategy, you are directed to discuss with other passionate engineers and very soon there’s another gadget on the table that is smaller/cheaper/looks better/has protocol X/has a better temp range. You are discussing tech details. Details are of course important – big picture cannot work without them – but starting from the details very rarely leads you to discuss about SO WHAT = what are we going to do with the technology after all? Analogy goes to seeing the forest from the trees. You need to start top down – from the business case and find how value is created. Then you select your tools, to implement that.

People and automation will not go away, but new cloud tools will add into the palette.


The world is consuming more and more energy, and we want to do it also sustainably with minimal emissions. For this, you need renewable energy. Renewables are not easy to manage due to their nature, and there will be traditional energy sources in parallel with them still for many years. Storages come to balance the mix. Microgrids enable local operations. How do you manage and control the combo? With automation, of course, this is nothing new, well-proven solutions exist, and we also have done these for 30 years. But the tools are changing – cloud has come to the picture.

Traditional automation systems are still pretty dedicated tools and closed systems. They are expensive to build and modify, do not support sharing easily, and demand expertise to use and modify. Controls and safety will, of course, stay on automation side. But supervision, data collection, analysis and cooperation will happen in the cloud.

Supervise, collect data, analyse and cooperate in the cloud.


Cloud tools can be implemented fast, inexpensively, flexibly, and they are user friendly as you do not need any special tools to use them. You can monitor and visualize the plant/site status and detect bottlenecks. These bottlenecks might compromise your availability-, performance-, productivity or energy mix/emission targets. You can add analytics, share the data, work collaboratively and even automate actions in coordination with operative & maintenance staff and automation systems. People and automation will not go away, but new cloud tools will add into the palette. All this needs to work seamlessly – each tool doing the thing it is best in.

ARNON has the tools. We know the legacy of electrification & automation, but we also have the modern cloud solutions to utilize in creating the most value to you and your clients. Let’s start boosting your plant’s performance and solve also your energy and emission challenges.

Our solution makes it possible to detect bottlenecks and improve productivity seamlessly.



Arnon Sky

– IIOT harnessed for building a more sustainable world

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