Ovo ARNON Sky Partnering

Automation has been around for decades, but it still keeps on increasing everywhere – in machines, factories and plants.

Automation is a tool to improving productivity, safety and sustainability. ARNON provides comprehensive industrial electrical and automation services to machine, equipment and system providers. We aim for deep and true cooperation that creates real value through our professional competence, attitude and modern technology.

OEM – Ovo Ultra

For all under 1000V constructions

OVO Ultra Solutions range from small junction boxes to heavy MCCs. OVO Ultra Systems can be used as control panels for OEM, automation cabinets, industrial control panels, distribution boards and motor control centers.

The constructions of the OVO Ultra System are type-tested and fulfil all the global requirements.

OVO Ultra Switchgears can be installed in the industrial environment in a reliable way. They secure electricity distribution and control for devices and processes even under extreme conditions.

We have years of expertise in delivering OVO Ultra Switchgears successfully to our clients in various industries, such as:

  • Pulp and paper industry
  • Power plants
  • Marine and offshore
  • Metal industry
  • Machine building industry
  • Mining industry
OEM – Cosmos

Enabling Industrial Internet

Industrial internet is about connecting industrial machinery and equipment at data level. ARNON serves its clients broadly in the field of industrial electrification and automation, which often serves as a foundation for Industrial IoT. We at ARNON aim to help our customers by enabling industrial IoT for them. We apply and integrate technology as a part of our service, but also develop it by ourselves in case there’s no existing or optimal solution available that fulfill industrial needs and requirements. We can equip machinery with sensors and programmable controllers in case there is no or not enough existing automation technology in it. If there is a system, we can connect into it.

Then we add devices enabling remote connection, data collection and transfer from the equipment. Data is stored into cloud where it can be easily monitored and transferred for example our client’s own systems. We can process and analyse the data among the way, for example by packing and sorting only the relevant content of it for transfer and storage. We provide data from the equipment for our clients utilization as per their digitalization strategy. This is part of our service and it can contain pretty big range of automation expertise from sensors through electrification, automation systems and data communication to the cloud.
We know the requirements of the industry, as well as its machinery and equipment, but also what it takes to create remote connections and run cloud services. That separates us from others. We serve our clients comprehensively, enabling them to focus on their core business development. You can only do this with a partner you can trust, and the more that one partner can provide the less complex network you need for making your customers happy. That’s actually why we are developing our company and services here too.

OEM – Partnering

Partnering is co-operation with our customers in such a way where Arnon takes responsibility, including risks, in a way that cannot be done in traditional subcontracting.

Partnering is long-term commitment to walking (or running!) to the same direction with mutual goals and pains. We do this by knowing the specific nature and requirements of the business and industry segment, technology characteristics and even the way customers organisations work.

Partnering is based on trust, as well as true and proven ability to combine technology and competence to productized packages and services. We promise flexibility in working with good attitude towards real value.

Partnering provides both tailored and highly standardized product- and service solutions that scale according to temperature of our customers business. At its most our customer promise is to provide full scope related to electrifications and automation, all the way from sensor to cloud.