Product News / 23.02.2018

PackAware – Intelligent Package Tracking

Important cargo on the way? And you don’t have any reliable information about its current location or conditions it has been exposed to on the road? Don’t worry – we have the solution for you.

PackAware is a full service solution that

  • tracks the deliveries
  • collects the data to the cloud
  • visualizes the data on web browser (map, data list, attachments)
  • transfers the data to other systems via cloud interface (REST API)

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The trackers utilize versatile measurement technology. GPS tells you where your delivery is and has been at any given time. You can also see the temperature, humidity and acceleration it has been subjected to en route.


Pictures 1 & 2: Automatic warnings and alarms on any measurement can be set into the system. The data is collected to our PackAware cloud service where it can be monitored and analysed with our web HMI.

The web application indicates your delivery’s route on the map, and logs also measurement values per time and position. You can see what the conditions have been at any given time and location – or you can see where the package has been at the time of any warning or alarm generated from any measurement exceeding the limits. This helps you to pinpoint responsibilities and who’s to pay the possible bill of damages caused. You can protect yourself against claims not belonging to you, be they either warranty- or transport damage -related.

You can also attach data to the shipment information, including consignment notes, images and videos from the road. This allows the delivery status to be updated and enriched along the way, for even better awareness of its status. Is it on targeted pit-stop in schedule and in what condition?

The cloud service also includes a data transfer interface (REST API) that can be used to transmit the data further to other systems. We can transmit and also receive data from e.g. transport management systems or -partners.

Using the service is easy – Just attach a tracker to your cargo, scan the barcode and give a reference code – number, name – it is yours to decide. Snap the unit ON and off you go!

PackAware tells you where your deliveries are and alerts you, if necessary. You can rest easy and stop worrying about any damage. You will no longer lose deliveries or waste time looking for them, or pay unnecessary bills about warranty/transport damages.

If your shipment receives a hit or is adversely affected by the environment in any way, you will be alerted immediately, you can show the evidence, and most importantly react immediately and send a spare part or a repair team to the destination or midway point to minimise the further impacts of the damage, like project delays.

Use PackAware to track position, detect hazards and problems of your important cargo. Get real data and share it. Use the information for reacting immediately and thus minimizing further impacts, protect yourself from unnecessary claims, and get rid of the “normal hassle” related to searching your packages. Use the modern technology to be more successful in your business! Buy now: