Keep an eye on your package!

PackAware is a service for intelligent package tracking. PackAware software and tracker is the best option for location tracking and hazard detection: Acceleration, collision and temperature. The order data is maintained in the service for one year.

Pack – Attach tracker to your cargo

It’s easy. All you need is order reference and the product key that is printed on the tracking device. Use any order reference. We recommend PO number or other identifier that is known to you. Order reference is used so you don’t have to remember the tracker product key. You may use the same order reference multiple times. Each tracker packed to order forms a separate package within the order.

Aware – Track and monitor package health

Use maps to know where your packages are. Set rules for acceleration and temperature. Visualize rule violations on map or get instant email notifications.

Add photos and other documents as attachments

Easily find critical documents even long afterwards. Potential damage or other problems with the cargo? Take a photo and attach it so it’s easy to find when needed.

PackAware represents company’s focus on cloud services and internet of things. PackAware is developed and operated by ARNON Solutions Oy.

ARNON Solutions is a company based in Finland with long experience of producing services for large industrial customers and strong expertise in industrial automation. ARNON Solutions is part of ARNON.

Juho Hanhimäki
Software Architect
ARNON Solutions Oy

Mobile. +358 400 352 548