Pro at work / 05.01.2018

Pro ar work: Kirsi Hyötyläinen

Pro at Work: Kirsi Hyötyläinen

Assembler, Tampere. Kirsi has been working at Arnon for a good 12 years. She has had several different assembly-related tasks along the years. “At the moment I’m assembling the Outotec distribution centers, and I’m really enjoying that. New challenges are also always welcome as I like variation at work.”

Due to a severe flour allergy Kirsi needed to get re-educated from the hotel and restaurant industry, where she previously worked. She chose a basic degree in electricity and automation mechanics and took her practical training at Arnon. As a result of a successful training period Kirsi was hired to Arnon in 2005.

“Variety is the best aspect of my work. The tasks vary but the basics are always the same. As a worker I am fast, flexible when needed, and produce high-quality. I have quite a competitive personality, so I usually try to be faster than the others. At times I just compete with myself. My favourite part of Arnon are my awesome colleagues, who have played a big part in me staying in this company all these years. I am also very happy with the employer’s flexibility – I have always been able to have my vacations according to my wishes.”

What is Kirsi like outside of her Pro at Work mode? “As a mother of two lively sons I’m used to many things happening simultaneously. There have been times when I have for example needed to cut and install bicycle chains. On my free time I hike in the forest with my dogs, and sometimes that too leads to ‘rescue missions’ if the dogs fall in ditches and such. I also like knitting socks and mittens, which is something not everyone would believe I do. I am as handy with knitting pins as I am with a chainsaw. Moreover, if I sometimes don’t find a matching pair of socks, I just wear an odd pair.”

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