Pro at work / 07.08.2017

Pro at work: Paula Hiipakka

Vaasa, Operations Manager. Paula Hiipakka has been working for the company almost for a year and is the only female employee at the Vaasa office. On a daily basis, she takes care of the established customer relationships and order-to-delivery processes in Vaasa. Her name is well known in the customer interface, furthermore she manages the purchases, subcontracting, transportations, quality, and many other areas related to production economics.

Hiipakka holds a Master’s degree in Science (Economics) and a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering. At the moment, her professional goals are highly related to Arnon. She is interested in the potential that has not yet been discovered in processes, organization and people. The future of the group, especially building the new brand and identity, are among her interests.

As one of her special skills Paula pinpoints bringing the best advantage and value for the business through communication and cooperation. She also thinks that feedback is a highly underestimated concept. One should never underestimate how much more added value could be created through feedback and communications. In addition, Paula has expertise in supply chains and projects: purchasing, procurement, logistics, production planning, quality, project management, and customer relationships.

Hiipakka is proud of her team and the dedication they have towards all their projects. “Our customers are visible to us because of the daily cooperation. Therefore, the customer satisfaction shows immediately and we want to do our very best. Customer orientation is the basis of all our actions. I also like the fact that our organization is small and the hierarchy is low. If we need some changes in the processes, they can be quickly conducted and everything doesn’t need to be prepared for weeks. My colleagues are great and our team spirit is really good.”

Paula’s versatile professional competence and experience brings a lot of benefit to her daily work: “It’s been nice when we’ve now had my previous colleagues from my old job as our customers. It brings advantage to both parties when we know which kind of actions bring added value to the customer: you can basically see the matters from both sides and act as a translator in between.”

In addition to her tough Pro at Work mentality, Paula also has her artistic side: “I’m pretty full-blooded artistic hippie who does yoga, goes to backpacking trips and plays ukulele. I’m also a freelance photographer. New acquaintances are often surprised when they hear about my profession. Most people think I work with culture, or even as a journalist.”

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