Pro at work / 27.02.2017

Pro at work: Verneri Hanhilahti

You can hear him say “Moro!” to someone when walking in the head office in Tampere. This project leader is a good example of a multiple technical knowledge and a great personality. “The best part of my job is probably the fact that I get to work with people in different fields and travel as my job is so extended. There is no such thing as a typical working day. Every day is different from the other.”

Verneri Hanhilahti is known to be pedant in financial issues. “As a project leader I am interested in ARNON’s success but also I want to make sure that the partnering and the products we offer to our clients helps them success. When the client success, we success.”

Hottest project at the moment is the Äänekoski bioproduct mill where Arnon is responsible for the installing and testing of the instrumentation and electrification of the wood processing. The wood processing is the biggest process area of the mill, so it makes the project very extensive.

“We get to be a part of the biggest forest industry investment project in Finland. Creating Finnish technology and more work! This project is unique and we are partnering with the leading companies. The project this size is a huge opportunity to create connections and to learn new skills in many different fields.”

“As a project leader I am in charge of for example the financial issues as well as the resources. I also report about the project both inside and outside ARNON. At my position I get to see and learn a lot about ARNON’s functions. This makes my work versatile and interesting.”

Text: Hansku Vihervaara