Highlights, Product News, Uncategorized / 05.01.2018

UL891 solutions now from ARNON!

UL (Underwriters Laboratories) has admited UL891 certification for ARNON. It enables engineering, manufacturing and selling of Dead-Front Switchboards -products to North America and Canada. ARNON is the first manufacturer in Finland to get UL891 certification.

“Thanks to this UL891 certification we are able to provide all low voltage power distribution switchboards to our customers also for the markets is North America”, says the CEO of ARNON Harri Lamminen. “Getting this certification took a lot of time and resources. But we wanted to take the effort so we can serve our customers comprehensively in all their target markets”, he continues.

ARNON provides OVO Ultra Switchboards for energy-, process- and power plant industries. OVO Switchgears can be installed in the industrial environment in a reliable way. They secure electricity distribution and control for devices and processes even under extreme conditions. The constructions of the OVO System are type-tested and fulfil all the global requirements.

ARNON customer promise is to provide full scope related to electrifications and automation, all the way from sensor to cloud including damage prevention.