Data collection and reporting system

ARNON X10 is a basic level data reporting system. It can be used e.g. in condition based maintenance. The data from the source device is collected with Modbus/TCP and S7 protocols via the X10’s Ethernet interface. Also other protocols are supported via expansion modules. The collected data is then utilized several different calculation types by ARNON X10 and it will further forward the technical and production result reports to the customer’s CBM system.

The files are delivered over the SMTP mail in zipped XML format by default. X10 also support the delivery via secure HTTPS connection of instant values as well as different type of files to the cloud. Different kinds of file servers are supported as well.

ARNON X10 system’s hardware and software are starting in automatic sequence after the X10 device is powered on. User actions are not needed after power outage situations. The X10 booting status can be checked from the LED status indicators.

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