Proffs I arbete / 30.08.2018

Pro at work: Jere Korpela

Jere Korpela graduated in 2012 with secondary degree in electricity and automation mechanics. Now he begins his second year studies at Tampere University of applied Sciences to graduate as an automation engineer.

Jere worked at ARNON Tampere factory during the summer. He assembled many kinds of distribution boards for Sandvik.

Future plans career wise are still open with no specific goals but Jere is interested in having responsible tasks and working with people. – It would be awesome to be able to work abroad someday.

As a person who is calm by nature Jere can do good work in all areas of his expertise and having responsibility motivates him. He really enjoys tasks that offer him challenge. At ARNON one of his favorite tasks has been assembling server cabinet because it was different from other tasks. – Exploration drill cabinets have been nice to work on because they have offered a lot to work with and they have been enough challenging as well.

-In my spare time I exercise a lot. Mainly I work out at the gym, run and bicycle. I don’t really know how to stay still for long periods of time, I must do something athletic every day. Health is a massive part of my everyday life and I try to make sure I exercise, eat and sleep well and enough.

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