The modular central structure of OVO Ultra is reliable and versatile. Designed for demanding heavy-duty applications, the switchboard solution is also cost-effective. The excellent technical values and comprehensive approvals of the OVO Ultra MCC switchboard solution make it highly suitable for use in, for example, marine and process industries, mines, seismic areas and power plants.

“When switchboards are delivered to a seismic area, the components are selected accordingly. The enclosure system’s already sturdy structure will be reinforced slightly,” says Matti Oksanen, Technical Product Manager at Arnon.

New, deeper level of cooperation

To make the huge delivery a reality has required long-term work. The variable frequency drives, air circuit breakers and many other components for the OVO Ultra MCC switchboards are provided by ABB. As ABB’s Value Provider, Arnon creates added value to ABB’s offering.

“From ABB’s viewpoint, the partnership plays a key role in the project. When both parties are truly committed to the partnership, it is possible to grow together and offer the most competitive solutions to the customers. For this, we need mutual openness and trust,” says Sales Director Mika Männistö leading ABB Motion business sales team.

In recent years, cooperation between Arnon and ABB has deepened to a new level. The partnership is based on a common business plan and the certified product expertise of people at Arnon.

Mikko Mäkäräinen, Local Business Manager at ABB Electrification Finland business area says that creating added value to the customer is an important part of Arnon’s business philosophy. Taking on such a project together is based on a long line of successes.

“In practice, value added creation for the customers means, for example, that the designer thoroughly understands why each specific component has been selected and is able to use the components as efficiently as possible. This kind of understanding is only achieved through long-term cooperation.

For example, the components selected for the switchboards include ABB’s new Emax 2 air circuit breaker, which can be used to connect to automation systems, control the low-voltage distribution network and save energy. This All-In-One solution is part of the switchboard’s “brain”. ABB’s AF contactors enable a wide control voltage range and save energy as well.

A delivery of historic proportions

The historic delivery is divided into six batches, consisting of a total of 137 distribution boards. Each distribution board is equipped with a PackAware locator developed and manufactured by Arnon to monitor conditions during the storage and transport of the boards.

“Our long-term efforts to improve our operations enabled us to go through with such an important contract. We have made a substantial investment in new premises and human resources,” says Arnon’s President & CEO Harri Lamminen.

“This shows that we have the capacity to make MCC deliveries no matter what size they are,” says Lamminen about the significance of the contract. “And as an electrician, I am, of course, delighted that this record-breaking contract was made in the electricity distribution business area.”