In 2022, Arnon and Xylem will celebrate 70 years together. A partnership that is now entering a new and more intense phase.

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“We agree on how to make a long-term partnership work,” says Axel Patrikson, Nordic Purchasing Manager at Xylem. “Our bond has been strengthened and we are ready to grow together in Sweden and the other Nordic countries.”

It is very appropriate to liken the almost 70-year partnership between Arnon and Xylem to a diamond anniversary. In 1952, B.O.Park (acquired by Arnon in 2020) and Flygt, which joined the Xylem Group in 2011, started a collaboration that, by today’s standards could be seen as somewhat modest.

– Throughout my professional career, I have learned that everything is constantly changing and that flexibility and the ability to adapt to customers is an absolute requirements. Because of innovation, quality, and early automation of processes, the symbiosis between the company has lasted for almost 70 years. It is a pleasure to continue to develop this relationship with the entire. Arnon Group’s combined competence and strength, says Leif Thalberg, CEO of Arnon in Sweden.

Thalberg took over as CEO for family-owned B.O. Park in 1992.
– I think that working together for 60 years is quite unique. It places very high demands on us as a supplier. Knowledge, quality, and ability to deliver are important ingredients to gain renewed confidence year after year. I’m really looking forward to taking the next step and continuing our development.

Xylem is one of the world’s leading water technology companies. The company has approximately 19 000 employees and is represented in over 350 locations around the world. Xylem does business in more than 150 countries on six continents. In 2019 sales were $ 5.25 billion.

In connection with Arnon acquiring B.O. Park, Jörgen Hedström was appointed Director of Sales. One of his main duties is to ensure that the new skills gained are utilized.

– Until now, commitment and responsibility areas have focused on the design, construction and assembly of various electrical and automation solutions intended for both the domestic and foreign markets explains Hedström.

– With Arnon’s collective arsenal of skills and expertise, we are stronger and can deliver much more, and thereby grow together. As I see it, our partnership is heading toward a fresh start. Xylem is a world-leading water technology company that works to safeguard water security by creating innovative and smart technology solutions that meet the world’s needs in water, wastewater and energy.

As the world struggles with intensifying challenges such as climate change, urbanization and stricter requirements for energy efficiency, Xylem provides innovative water technology solutions throughout the water lifecycle. The company has around 1,600 employees in Sweden, of which 1,150 work in production in Emmaboda. The U.S. is the largest market, but there is great potential for continued growth in Sweden and the Nordic countries.

– Stronger collaboration where we jointly develop customized solutions is beneficial to both parties, says Patrikson.

– To remain competitive in these times, it is of utmost importance to work closely and engage in dialogue to ensure high-quality, on-time deliveries. We must always keep up-to-date and guarantee the highest possible quality, and there is a reason we have maintained our partnership for such a long time.

Long-term perspective and sustainability are two recurring themes when Xylem and Arnon describe their partnership – along with the fact that they want to increase the degree of innovation together.


1901 Blacksmith and mold maker Peter Alfred Stenberg moved to Lindås and started the company P. A. Stenberg to develop his production of molds and equipment for the many glassworks in the area.

1928 A collaboration began between the brothers Stenberg and Hilding Flygt, who were looking for a partner to start manufacturing pumps.

1947 The first submersible drainage pump was invented and a few years later also the first submersible sewage pump by Sixten Engelsson at Flygt.

1956 Sixten Engelsson developed the submersible drainage pump, also called the C-pump with a coupling foot and level switch.

1966 Flygt completed the acquisition of Kristenson & Grähs, which became Grindex.

1968 Stenberg-Flygt was acquired by the American large group ITT.

2008 ITT Flygt AB became ITT Water & Wastewater AB.

2011 Xylem was founded.

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