You have been managing Arnon for around 100 days now. How do you see Arnon’s current situation?

Arnon’s strong growth last year was a truly fantastic achievement given the challenging global market situation with difficulties related to component availability, covid, and inflation, to name a few. Our strength lies in the motivated and professional team and we have succeeded well in securing customer deliveries.

I was given a good and realistic picture of Arnon already during the recruitment process and I was welcomed with open arms. With time I have had a chance to get to know Arnon’s staff, internal key groups, key customers, and suppliers. The aim has been to formulate an overall picture of the functionality and possibilities of the strategy, teams, processes, and organizational structure.

I noticed during the first few months at Arnon how there is a good flow of working together both internally and when relating to our stakeholders, customers, and suppliers. I have been impressed by the culture of bringing issues up openly, and communally solving challenges, and taking advantage of opportunities. This is a very good background for building the future.

In which direction do you want to take Arnon in the future?

Arnon’s future target is profitable growth. To add to the current growth path, we will seek to still improve the profitability by further developing the operations.

Sweden has an enormous market potential, and we will strengthen our presence in the chosen key verticals of marine, mining, and energy. Growth will also be enabled by utilizing Arnon’s global capacity for production more efficiently. I want to see future Arnon strengthen as a global organization and increase cooperation within and in between the different functions.

Partnerships are an important value for us, and we will carry on deepening our partnerships with key customers and suppliers.

A prerequisite for reaching these targets is that Arnon is an attractive place to work. We want to be a workplace where people enjoy themselves and where there are plenty of opportunities to progress inside the company.

How would you describe yourself as a leader and whilst off work?

The clarity of the goals and achieving them is very important to me. Years of feedback are saying that I am an unyielding, systematic, and interactive leader, and I do recognize myself in this. I want everyone to work together, as a team.

In my free time, I enjoy playing tennis and training at the gym. My leisure time during summers is filled with golf, time spent at the cottage, and boating. For a long time, I have put car journeys to good use by listening to audiobooks, both fact and fiction. Our grown-up children have already moved from home. The Shetland sheepdogs Dina and Taika keep us entertained and relaxed with their lovely presence.