Were you woken up in the middle of the night to talk about the strategy and values of the company, how would you succeed? And how would everyone who works with you do? This question is often presented to emphasize the importance of the strategy and values and how closely they should influence day-to-day work.

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At Arnon, the 2022 strategy project is progressing month after month. We do not wake up our employees, but the strategy is constantly present in our day-to-day work.

During the first half of the year, sales, HR, HSEQ, design, and production have gathered to analyze the impact of strategy on their work. The results have been distributed amongst Arnon’s multi-channel. For instance, through an internal newsletter each month, allowing all Arnon employees to evaluate the different perspectives on the strategy. At the same time, everyone gets a better understanding of what is happening in different parts of the company.

– I am proud of the in-depth reflections that Arnon’s teams have shared on the strategy, among their hectic work, says Sanna Talvitie, Marketing and Communications Manager at Arnon.

Arnon has defined three Must Win Battles in its strategy for 2021–2025: growth mission, improving the customer experience, and developing competence in the organization.

For different teams, the Must Win Battles brought up diverse ideas: For HR, achieving the growth mission means an increase in the number of recruitments. For production, making sure all resources can be utilized is the key. Engineering emphasizes the international focus, and HSEQ finds the increasing requirements a factor to consider. And as the sales team states, ultimately, the growth mission can be seen in the results.

These few picks from the team discussions indicate the multifaceted strategy discussions Arnonians have had.

– Communication is not just about delivering information – it enables the development of the entire organization’s operations. That is why we want to continue discussions on the strategy throughout the year, Talvitie says.

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