Arnon - Cost savings through data rationalisation

Cost savings through data rationalisation

For a long time now, data on the functioning of machines and equipment has been gathered but, until now, the analysis and processing of data masses has been inefficient. Arnon’s Knowledge Services bring intelligence to data processing and analysis.

Text Tuomas I. Lehtonen | Photo Jukka Vähälummukka

“Arnon Oy’s Knowledge Services make possible the smart collection of data about machines, equipment and processes in the mining, energy and marine industry,” explain Technology Director Timo Hanhimäki and Offering Manager Antti Lahti.

“Our goal is to improve the utilisation rate, performance, productivity and usability of machines and equipment. Smart utilisation of data helps the end users of machines and equipment interpret the increasingly complex world,” Lahti clarifies.

Data is worth acquiring only if it can be utilised sensibly. That is why the Knowledge Services are based on systematic data acquisition.

“We work with the customer to define the indicators to be monitored. Then we develop the algorithms and processes for the data transfer, processing, analysis and storage. In the definition of measurement targets, we have the advantage of long experience in our customers’ fields of business,” Lahti continues.

For machines new and old 

Not all data acquired needs to be transferred to the cloud – raw data can be analysed and filtered at the equipment where it is generated. This is particularly useful when the equipment sending the measurement data is behind a slow network connection, such as on a cargo vessel or in a remote mine, or in places that generate a great deal of data, such as power plants. Of course, data can be transferred to and stored in the cloud in large quantities, but eliminating meaningless data creates cost savings.

Arnon’s data acquisition and transfer systems can be integrated in new equipment and machines as well as equipment and machines that are 20–30 years old. Data security is ensured, for example, through advanced and layered firewall solutions.

Efficient utilisation of data helps optimise machine adjustments, operating methods, maintenance and repairs for their operating conditions. This creates savings, reduces emissions, minimises downtime and prolongs the service life of machines and equipment.

"Data is worth acquiring only if it is has a sensible use"

Data acquisition a requirement today

The demand for Arnon’s Knowledge Services has increased greatly in the past six months.

“More and more often, the customers of machine and equipment manufacturers demand advanced data acquisition and analysis systems when making purchases. Machine and equipment manufacturers lacking such systems may even lose sales. On the other hand, versatile opportunities for utilising all the acquired data offer machine and equipment manufacturers new opportunities to make money,” says Hanhimäki.

Established in 1978, Arnon Oy is a Finnish company specialised in smart automation and electrification solutions. The company headquarters are located in Tampere. Arnon’s customers include machine, equipment and system providers in mining, energy, marine and renewables industries, such as Outotec and Wärtsilä. The company’s new sales last year totalled €51 million.

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