Arnon’s move to new premises is in full swing. Production is being completed in the old premises and projects have already begun in the newly-renovated premises in the Myllypuro industrial area.

“We have a long history of growing alongside our customers’ needs and utilizing our own strengths,” says Harri Lamminen, CEO of Arnon.

“Now, we are no longer restricted by the size of our premises and our know-how continues to be top notch. With the recent move, we are able to deliver projects of all sizes and serve our customers even better than before,” he continues.

Arnon innovatively combines renewable energies, electric machines and equipment, high-level automation, and affordable cloud services. The company’s unique offering and scalability is of interest to both current and potential customers.

And the growth of the company itself is reflected in the size of the individual deliveries now possible.

Arnon received the largest single order in its history this spring – 400 meters of OVO Ultra MCC switchgear systems. The delivery was divided into six batches, consisting of a total of 137 distribution boards.

International acquisition unimpeded by the coronavirus crisis

As part of strengthening its foothold in Sweden, Arnon acquired AB B.O. Park, a Swedish manufacturer of electrical automation products, during the spring. Both Arnon and B.O. Park have a history of forward-thinking and a continuous desire to develop, which made the acquisition a natural step for Arnon.

“The challenges posed by the coronavirus pandemic did not hinder our plans and we managed to push through the acquisition on schedule. Naturally, the deal required the commitment of both parties, flexibility, and determination. The smooth running of the whole process reflects our company’s principles well”, Lamminen notes.

Arnon already had partners in Sweden, including ABB, Climeon, Sandvik, and Logevo.

The acquisition improved Arnon’s scalability and brought the company closer to customers in the Scandinavian region.

“While cooperation worked well from Finland, having a local presence continues to improve our ability to work closely with our partners”, Lamminen sums up.