‘- Only one criterion was not met, so we are very close to rising to level I, says Katariina Koski, HSEQ Manager at Arnon.

Arnon reached level II for the second time. Occupational safety has improved continuously in the company in recent years.

– Occupational safety is a matter for the entire organization. Management is committed to developing occupational safety, and, in general, awareness of the importance and implementation of occupational safety has improved throughout the organization, Koski states.

The most important ways to improve occupational safety at Arnon are to creating an occupational safety culture, providing guidance and making things visible in everyday work.

Nolla tapaturmaa -foorumi is a network of workplaces where the goal is to continuously develop occupational safety and well-being and the dissemination of good practices. It currently includes more than 450 workplaces throughout Finland.