The Vision Zero Forum classification is based on, among other things, the number of accidents, near mises, and absences due to accidents at work, and procedures for reporting safety observations.

HSE Manager Johanna Nieminen is happy about Arnon’s placing on level II.

– The most important goal regarding occupational safety at Arnon is to continuously strengthen our occupational safety culture. We must focus on anticipation and prevention of accidents. The Level II classification shows that we are on the right track, Nieminen says.

Last year, promoting personal protection issues, workstation-specific ergonomics, and personal ergonomics were at the center of attention. The company has trained more job counselors and increased the number of supervisors.

In 2020, a safety observation platform was introduced at Arnon. Through it, the HSE team receives information about the problems and can tackle them. Using a safety observation platform enables everyone in the company to share their observations easily and the number of observations has grown. In 2023, Arnon made a daily monitor of the number of observations to boost the reporting of observations further.

– Occupational safety is a matter for the entire organization, Nieminen emphasizes.