During 2022, the people of Arnon have thought about what the company’s strategy and the defined must-win battles: growth mission, customer experience improvement, and organizational know-how mean in the everyday life of each team. During the first three quarters of the year, sales, HSEQ, HR, planning, production, marketing, and finance have shared their perspectives in Arnon’s internal newsletter.

According to HR director Anni-Maria Kauppila, the strategy section is the most exciting part of the newsletter.

– Time and time again, I have been positively surprised by how diversely the teams report on the strategy implementation at Arnon. People make the strategy come true, and putting the plan into everyday work has felt good. I’m particularly interested in what organizational competence and its development means to teams, how it manifests itself in many ways in our organization, says Kauppila.

– At the organizational level, HR supports new learning as a background factor for the company’s growth and competitiveness. On an individual level, learning something new is also a motivational factor that increases interest in work. So, it’s fantastic to see the teams’ descriptions of how they tell in their own words about innovation and new development as part of their work and how these perspectives complement each other.

Involvement is the key to strategy implementation.

– It is not enough that the strategy is reviewed in the old way. Even  the discussions and workshops we’re having now aren’t enough either; the plan must continue to be visibly involved in our work in different parts of the organization, Kauppila states.

– For a new employee, the first contact with Arnon’s strategy occurs already in the discussions and orientation during the recruitment phase. We are about to launch a gamified orientation process, and strategy is one part of it.

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