Arnon - Pro at Work – Agnieszka Ostrowska

Pro at Work - Agnieszka Ostrowska

"There are lessons to learn and knowledge to gain in every project."

Agnieszka Ostrowska works at ARNON’s Polish factory in Wejherowo, near Gdynia. She has been working at ARNON since 2018 and is currently working as a Junior Tester.

Agnieszka is originally from the south of Poland but has called the Eastern Pomerania area home since 2012 when she moved to the area to study. She has had extensive education in engineering and graduated from the Naval Academy in Gdynia with a specialization in mechanics and machine construction. Agnieszka is eager to develop her skills further and is very motivated to climb the career ladder within ARNON.

In addition to her main title of a Junior Tester, Agnieszka is capable of working in many other positions. When she is not working in testing, she works as a Wire Set Machine Operator, and sometimes as an Assembler. You could say she has a knack for most things mechanical!

“Each new project is challenging in its own way, and I look forward to new challenges. There are lessons to learn and knowledge to gain in every project I’ve been able to be part of. I am happy to improve my skills along with every new project.”

In her spare time, Agnieszka enjoys traveling and being creative. She loves photography and she is learning how to tattoo, as well. Spending time with her loved ones is also extremely important to her. In addition to her interest in body modification and the art behind it, she likes to learn about social psychology. When Agnieszka isn’t at work or enjoying one of her hobbies, you are most likely to find her at the sea. She is an avid sailor and has devoted a big part of her life to sailing.

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