Arnon - Pro at Work – Johanna Nieminen

Pro at Work - Johanna Nieminen

Johanna Nieminen works as an HR & Communications Specialist at Arnon Headquarters in Tampere, Finland. She first got introduced to Arnon years ago, and after she finished her studies at Laurea University of Applied Sciences, she made a comeback and joined Arnon’s Human Resources team.

Johanna Nieminen was born and raised in Toijala, Finland. She has an interesting educational background, which gives her the ability to assist multiple different functions within Arnon. Johanna has found her calling in HR & internal communication and has the competence to help in administration, procurement, and marketing, as well. She completed an associate vocational qualification in management in 2012 and a vocational qualification in Sales in 2015. She wanted to learn more and grow her expertise and in 2020 she graduated with a Bachelor of Business Administration. As a lifelong learner, Johanna is about to embark on another journey and is starting her studies in work and organizational psychology in an open university.

– As a part of the HR team, my main goal is to create a well-developed culture around internal communications. I aim to develop internal communication in a way that best serves the needs of each of us here at Arnon. One of Johanna’s strongest areas of expertise is promoting the well-being of ARNON personnel and supporting managers in their day-to-day. One of her special skills is bringing joy, smiles, and positivity to the workplace and her co-workers’ lives. This truly shows, because one barely ever sees Johanna without a smile on her face. She believes that by leading by her own example and having a positive attitude she can make a difference. Her approachability, good situational awareness, and emotional intelligence make her an HR superstar.

– I am passionate about developing both myself and organizational processes because I believe that people are at their best when they work on tasks they care about and for an organization they believe in.

At Arnon, every day feels like a new project because no day is the same,
Johanna says. She mentions that it is wonderful to have so much variety in
one’s workday. It keeps things fresh and interesting. One of Johanna’s favorite
projects has been organizing personnel events. They are extremely meaningful
and fascinating projects for me, she concludes.

In her free time, Johanna is fond of playing golf and enjoying the outdoors.
Unfortunately, old sports injuries interfere with Johanna’s participation
in most team sports, but this has made her an avid fan and spectator of
many different sports, from ice hockey and floorball to futsal and volleyball.
Johanna is not the biggest soccer fan but follows the Finnish National Team
Eagle-Owls (or Huuhkajat in Finnish) and, of course, her 15-year-old godson’s
career in the sport. To keep things in balance she is also a passionate cake
baker and card decorator.

The always smiling, joyous personality that is Johanna Nieminen also hides
a more competitive side. She has won Finnish Championship Bronze in Rink
bandy and competed in a go-kart tournament.

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