Arnon - Pro At Work: Juhana Hellén

Pro At Work '- Juhana Hellén

Juhana Hellén works as a Key Account Director at ARNON. Juhana and ARNON go way back, and we’ll soon be congratulating him on an exceptional milestone anniversary.

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Juhana Hellén, born in Turku, has made an impressive, almost 20-year career at ARNON. He started with production and testing and is now working as a Key Account Director, whose tasks include, among other things, Strategic Account Management and development of selected partnerships. As a KAM Process Owner, a part of the ARNON Customer Management process, he leads the development of the process and its interfaces.

Thanks to his extensive work experience in industrial electrification and automation, Juhana has an understanding of all main business processes that is both broad and deep. As he also has a long history in the Marine segment, he has obtained strong knowledge of Key Account Management and broad experience in international business development.

Juhana (or Junnu among friends and co-workers) has a degree in Electrical Power Technology, and is a Qualified Specialist of International Management. He finds motivation in challenging himself and is driven by learning new things as they come along: “I have a passion for a constant development of my skills.” His professional goal is to develop ARNON as a company.

“I am really happy to be able to aim at the same targets and win together with a cross-functional team including true experts.”

According to Juhana there are numerous customer and project cases which can be considered memorable. He compares the cases to both a marathon and a sprint, and all the other legs in between. He tells about starting our co-operation with a company in Sweden: It took about three years to find the right moment to begin the actual commercial collaboration with the company. “It was at least a half-marathon with short sprints involving the key persons from both parties along the way.”

Instead of training for marathons, Juhana’s spare time interests lie elsewhere, namely in supporting his children’s hobbies, such as floorball. Years ago, he used to play guitar – perhaps to his work mates’ surprise – in a few heavy metal bands. He has even played some gigs on local stages. Nowadays, he occasionally plays, just for fun. Who knows, maybe we will hear this accomplished guitarist play sometime in the future, too. Arnonians certainly have something to look forward to!

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