Her goal professionally is to develop her skills so that she can offer the best possible solutions to internal and external stakeholders. She is also passionate about creating a safer workplace.

Katariina is an expert when it comes to process development and quality, environmental and occupational health & safety management. – “I have always been curious towards both new and old things and maybe this is why it’s easy for me to examine things on my own and to understand how new things can be utilised in to practice while seeing the big picture. I’m lucky to have the ability to use this skill in my everyday work.”

What makes ARNON a great workplace along with awesome team spirit and the fact that the organisation is willing to learn and develop is that at ARNON Katariina gets to work with a wide selection of different professionals. Not just the people working at ARNON but also all the stakeholders such as suppliers, clients, officials, and other experts.

In her free time she likes to dance, listens to music, draws and does crossword puzzles. When she wants to put her problem solving skills to test she plays games that challenge her in that area. She also enjoys studying history in the form of reading and watching documentaries.

ARNON. Art Of Automation.