Arnon - Pro at work: Maria Vuorinen

Pro at work '- Maria Vuorinen

Maria Vuorinen is Arnon's Accounting Specialist. She is stationed at Arnon Tampere office. On January 1st in 2020, she was elected to be the health and safety representative for Arnon Tampere office employees.

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Her daily job consists of providing financial support to the organization by managing accounts payable and receivable. For example, she processes, verifies and reconciles invoices and ensures proper posting before entering invoices into the accounting system. In addition, she manages travel and expense invoices.

– “I like that my work description is flexible and I get to plan the contents of my days myself as long as things are taken care of in time.”

Maria graduated from Tampere University of Applied Sciences as a Bachelor of Business Administration. She is eager to develop her skills constantly. – “In financial management, it’s important to be up to date because for example tax related things may change yearly.”

Maria’s strengths lie in learning and understanding things profoundly. – “Usually I pick essential things from my everyday workload and then I dig deep and try to learn from them as much as I can. I want to understand the big picture in everything I do and for me, it’s important to know why things are or aren’t done in a certain way. Sometimes the result can be a more lean and fluid chain of actions, for example by eliminating unnecessary work phases. My way of taking the observers’ role makes it easy for me to see things from multiple angles. I think this is also one of my strengths I can make great use of as the health and safety representative.”

"I feel that work safety is a friend to the employee and the employer. A friend that makes sure that everyone can work safely and to stay healthy and happy."

Maria is passionate about personnel health and safety. She hopes that people at Arnon would feel comfortable to come and talk to her if they are pondering about work safety or anything else related. When talking about work safety it’s usually all about the burdening things. But it’s just as important to talk about the things that motivate people, things that give them that positive extra push when it’s needed, the things that make them enjoy their workplace. – “I feel that work safety is a friend to the employee and the employer. A friend that makes sure that everyone can work safely and to stay healthy and happy.”

In the future automation will take care of some of the routine work. Maria sees that the time saved with help of the automation can be taken as an opportunity to focus on her problem-solving skills, gathering knowledge and as a chance to develop herself professionally.

All in all, Maria says that the best thing at Arnon is the open and positive environment. It’s more than okay to ask for advice or help. Humour is one of the cornerstones of the great working atmosphere at Arnon.

When she is not at the office Maria enjoys spending time in nature. Nature helps her to release stress. She says that she feels privileged to get to live in the countryside with her husband. As a contrast to the peace and quiet Maria has a soft spot for cars.

– “I enjoy fast and high-performance cars: How they look, but especially how they sound and feel.” Right now Maria and her husband have a Saleen S-281 Supercharged in their garage. It’s a pretty special car because only 18 of those were manufactured in 2003. The model was made for promotional purposes of the “2 Fast 2 Furious”-movie. She also has three Ragdoll cats. – “They are kind blue-eyed giants who, depending on the situation, are either a bit goofy or rather intelligent. It’s quite easy to smile when I’m observing what the trio comes up with next.”

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