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Pro At Work '- Mirva Vuosjoki

Mirva’s expertise and experience in procurement and purchasing are unparalleled. She has a long career in the field and brings adamant professionalism to her team here at ARNON.

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In February 2021, Mirva Vuosjoki joined ARNON headquarters in Tampere and started as ARNON’s brand new Procurement Manager. Her responsibilities include leading the purchasing team, developing purchasing activities, and collaborating with the other business functions.


Originally from Keminmaa, Mirva now lives in Lempäälä with her family. She has a degree in Engineering with a specification in electronics and information technology, which she acquired in 2000 from Vaasa University of Applied Sciences. Later on, Mirva decided to pursue a master’s degree and in 2015 she graduated as a Master of Engineering in Automation Technology.


The VAMK graduate gained employment at Nokia working as a Design Engineer and later transitioned into the roles of Sourcing Technology Project Manager & Quality Manager. After almost 15 years at Nokia, Mirva moved on to work at AGCO Power where she tackled the challenges as a Design Quality Engineer and a Purchaser. Before joining the ARNON family, Mirva’s efforts were put towards her job as a Category Manager & Purchaser at Calderys.

“Motivated co-workers and clear goals get me professionally fired up!”

Mirva gets along with everyone and says that the best part of her job is that it consists of leading both people and things. At ARNON I will get to develop both the purchasing operations and the collaboration with other functions, Mirva says. She is very motivated & driven in her new position at ARNON, and her goals now and in the future are strongly related to sourcing.


When Mirva is not working, she is most likely spending time on her dear hobbies skiing, horseback riding, or gardening. She says that she likes to keep busy and is always either working on or planning new projects.


Mirva has some cool secret skills. Skiing has played a huge role in Mirva’s life throughout the years. She used to compete in half-pipe skiing, which isn’t for the faint of heart. I would advise you to challenge Mirva to a more tranquil sport if you want to have any chance of winning!

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