A Wire harness serial machine operator and a Finnish championship level American football player, Nelly Karhu can easily combine work and training. The possibility to change work locations, flexible working hours and determined training spirit made it all possible for her.

Text: ARNON Pictures: Valtteri Rui, Tytti Martikainen

Nelly’s journey at Arnon began in the spring of 2021 in Kauhava. Before becoming a Wire harness serial machine operator, Nelly finished studying in an upper secondary school along the side of construction industry courses. She found out about Arnon through a rental company when they recommended for her to apply for a job at Arnon.

While working at Kauhava, Nelly played in the Seinäjoki Crocodiles Yankee football team. Due to multiple changes and injuries between the team, Nelly was asked to play for Tampere Saints -team. She spent one season going back and forth between Kauhava and Tampere due to work and training in two different cities. After finishing the season, she asked for a transfer to Arnon’s offices in Tampere and moved to Tampere to work and play full-time in the Tampere Saints.

It was easy for Nelly to change locations, as the new colleagues were immediately welcoming, and the general working atmosphere is pleasant and friendly. With a good team, the work gets done seriously with a good rhythm. Kauhava also has a fantastic team, which made the change for Nelly harder. Even though the location changed, the friends from work still stayed with Nelly.

Nelly’s work consists of the manufacturing of wiring harnesses. “There is a small difference between Kauhava and Tampere. The biggest difference is the clients and the materials; however, the style of making is the same in both locations,” Nelly says. The pace of work varies with the client and the job. The work is also done alone, so you can influence the execution and the pace of the work yourself. This is perfect for Nelly, who trains multiple times per week.

“The workouts require a lot from me, so the flexible working hours offered by the job make it easier to schedule and balance work, training, and free time,” Nelly says. With the team, there are three sports training a week, which last a couple of hours. Nelly personally goes to the gym to lift weights and does physical training three times a week. During the summertime, there is a game every weekend.

Nutrition plays a big role in Nelly’s life. You must eat a lot of food because of the nature of the sport. Apparently, there are no food restrictions, and you can eat as much as you want. However, Nelly makes sure that most of the food comes from a good source and that it is relatively healthy. Food must be eaten regularly, and it must be ensured that there is enough of it. In addition to keeping up with good nutrition, hydration and recovery play a big role in staying fit and healthy. The shorter distances make it much more efficient for Nelly to travel between home, work, and training. Before transferring to Tampere, Nelly’s journey to work was about 40 km, and now the distance is less than 10 km, not to mention, before changing teams, the distance for training from Kauhava to Tampere was around 200 km. Now, Nelly has significantly more time during the day, and she can focus on training, working, and her well-being.

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