‘-“My goal in the work place as an employee is to improve myself professionally and to gain valuable information from the industry. I’m very eager to proceed with my career. I enjoy learning new things and to have the know-how to do many different tasks at work.”

Rami has been fixing and building things since he was a little boy. He is very interested in the technical stuff and that is one of the motivators for him to learn and develop his skills. -” I’m very precise with my work and I always try to figure out if there is a better way of doing things. I don’t let failures get me down and rather try to learn from them.”

For over a year now Rami has worked as a team leader at the Fastems-team and he has really enjoyed the task. The daily work consists of more challenging projects and some more basic type of work. -” we have a good team here. Some of the work is done in a team and other tasks are done alone from start to finish. things are going well and if there is a problem I know that we can always find a solution. We are also looking forward to the coming new projects.”

Rami spends his free time enjoying the everyday activities and spending time with his daughter. He also has two over enthusiastic Husky-dogs that need a lot of exercise and activities. When he wants time just for himself he heads to the garage and focuses on fixing cars and other things. In the winter he enjoys riding his snow mobile.

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