Arnon - Pro at work: Teemu Lindgren


Teemu Lindgren works at ARNON Tampere factory and he is in charge of ARNONs' Subsidiary TKF. TKF is ARNONs' power factor correction and power quality business unit. TKFs customers are in construction, industry and power grid companies. TKF also serves ARNONs' key accounts.


Teemu is a Master of Science and Bachelor of Science in Economics. He specialiced in electrification and automation in his masters studies and his bachelor studies focused in business and strategy. Teemu is enthusiastic about self development in his personal life but also when it comes to TKF.

Teemu is an expert if you want to know something about reactive power and power quality. He knows well the segmets where power quality and reactive power are relevant. He has worked with small and agile TKF for one year now and before that he has gained years of experience with other larger companies.

Teemu takes customer service by heart and he takes time and effort to understand the customer segmets needs. -“I enjoy building solutions together with the customer”.

"We listen to our clients and we are ready to widen our offering for example to comprehensive services in power quality."

Teemu says that he enjoys typical power quality cases where the customer has recieved a tested and securely working solution. As an example Teemu mentions Sammalvuori underground train depots detuned capacitor filter banks. Teemu says that as electrical equipment and energy efficiency gets more ccomplicated sometimes new customer needs emerge. -“We have had big brain time together with the client on how to get great results with these new requirements and then TKF has delivered a suitable technological solution. Sometimes when it has been needed the solution has been completely new. One example is installing an inductive compensation bank to a building.”

TKF has decades of history with strong foundations which have been formed by pro of the industry, Eero Nerto. Now TKF takes steps forward with Teemu and Eero. -“We listen to our clients and we are ready to widen our offering for example our comprehensive services in power quality.” TKF has a good position in Finland and Teemu is ready to also target other selected countries.

In his personal life Teemu enjoys exercise like jogging, sailing, swimming and he bicycles to work sometimes. He spends time with his family and friends or then takes his time while jogging to think and brainstorm for new solutions. When Teemu visits his customers around Finland he likes to take green values seriously. He uses the train but also his bike and sometimes he walks.

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