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Pro at Work '- Toni Peltomaa

Toni is a true professional when it comes to power quality and power factor correction. TKFs customers are mainly in construction, industry, and power grid companies. TKF also serves ARNON’s key accounts.

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Toni Peltomaa spent his childhood and youth in Kankaanpää, but like so many others, headed to Tampere in a year 2000 due to his studies. He is now temporarily living in Nokia, which is a town located conveniently near the ARNON Tampere Headquarters.

Toni works as a Sales Manager at ARNON’s subsidiary Tampereen Kondensaattoritehdas or (TKF for short). He joined the team in November 2020 and felt right at home here at ARNON. This could partly thanks to the fact that he had previously worked at the very same address, Kaapelikatu 3, for Nokia Capacitors in 2007-2018. Furthermore, he is again dealing with power compensation systems.

– “It’s awesome to work in the same field of technology in the exact same building where I started in 2007”, he says and adds smiling – “Kaapelikatu 3 is most definitely the hub for power factor correction”.

Being an electrical engineer, he is more than familiar with power factor correction and is a real pro in power quality. According to Toni, TKF is enhancing their knowledge and expanding their portfolio and services into medium and high-voltage systems. Toni is responsible for customers in industry, power grid companies and electrical contractors working with substation projects. At present he is working on a gripping project in Finnish industry. – “This is definitely something you will hear about in the future!”, he promises enthusiastically.

In his spare time Toni intensively follows economic development on media that specializes in economy. He is genuinely interested in monetary systems and highly recommends a video series on YouTube called “Mike Maloney – Hidden Secrets of Money”. Well, that will certainly give all of us something to talk about when we meet Toni next time.

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