Pro at Work - Topias Välimäki

When Topias Välimäki packed a moving load into the car and headed from Kauhava to Österhaning, he was facing yet another step on his career path. At the beginning of the year, he would start as Arnon's Operations Director, based in Österhaninge.

Changing the location and position was not a new thing for Topias. Originally from Seinäjoki, Topias’ career path at Arnon has taken him from Vaasa Engineering Trainee to Kauhava to Supply Chain Manager, from where he moved to Österhaning to the position of Operations Director. You can read about Topias’ earlier stages at Arnon here

But what exactly does an Operations Director do? We interviewed Topias about what his new job entails and what kind of man he is behind the position.

As an Operations Director, Topias steers production development. One of his most important tasks is ensuring that the best working methods are implemented at Arnon – regardless of the country and location where the practice originates.

– Building a common Arnon culture is an exciting but, at the same time, challenging task. Each country and each locality have its characteristics, and all of them should be e taken into account with caution. A shared culture does not mean that everything should fit into the same mold. The work is made more accessible by the desire of the Arnonians to do things properly and correctly. And Sweden is no exception here, says Topias.

What does your typical working day look like?

– The development of operations is at the center, whether we are talking about internal topics or clients. There is no typical Operations Directory workday, but there are similarities between the weeks. The weeks contain encounters between people in different situations. I go to a lot of meetings and discussions, based on which decisions are made that make everyday life easier, Topias sums up.

Over the years, his diverse work background at Arnon has introduced Topias to different tasks and almost every Arnonian. At the same time, the Arnonians have gotten to know Topias. All of this is useful when building a common culture.

Topias enjoys his work.
– I have always been interested in development tasks, domestic export companies, and internationality. At Arnon, I get to check every box – this is a unique opportunity!

– Settling in a new country has gone smoothly. Many thanks to the Swedish team, who warmly welcomed me. I have received advice on organizing everyday things and tips for free time. As a counterweight to my work, I have found, e.g., archipelago cycling, which has been a total impossibility in the flat South Ostrobothnia. I closely followed football at home, and that hobby has continued here. The attached picture is from the men’s Sweden – Serbia Nations League match from Friends Arena. Bench sports at its best!

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