Touko Mäkelä works as ARNON's Key Account Manager. Touko’s journey as an Arnonian began in the autumn of 2021. Prior to joining Arnon, Touko has worked extensively in sales in the electrical and automation sector – in addition, Touko is an electrical and automation engineer.

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As Arnon’s Key Account Manager, Touko works as part of the CRM process. Mainly, his workdays consist of strategic management, sales, and customer development of selected accounts. After six months of being an Arnonian, we asked Touko about the job and Arnon as an employer. Read below what Touko said.

Six months as an Arnonian is now behind us. What skills or expertise do you feel most useful when you take over the KAM role?

– I am very enthusiastic about sales and have a solid view of the electrical and automation industries. Insight and experience help to produce a result that meets the customer’s expectations.

What has been the most inspiring customer project at Arnon?

– Each customer project is interesting in its own way. However, I hope that the best customer experiences and projects are yet to come, now that COVID restrictions are being lifted and face-to-face meetings are once again possible.

How do you take care of the balance between work and leisure, what do you do?

-I like versatile sports but running up front is my favourite. In addition to my legs running, thoughts run as well, it clears your mind, and, in the end, you only focus on the essentials, which is running itself. I also often run commutes. The commute is approximately 5 km in one direction. Running is a great way to start the day and, on the other hand, also a good way to reset the day.

Do you want to share something else personal about yourself?

– In addition to wearing out my running sneakers, I consume audiobooks. In the last three years, I’ve listened to 131 audiobooks. I listen to all kinds of books, but the main focus is non-fiction in history or modernity. Mainly, I listen to audiobooks while jogging or while traveling in the car.

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