“We are involved in VKD2019 campaign because we want to pay attention especially to young people who are working with us or who are in the recruiting process. Here at ARNON we pay attention to our staff and we take care of things as promised. Personnel is one of our values and we care and take responsibility of our staff’s wellbeing and development.”

ARNON is committed to the values and requirements set by the responsible summer job-campaign. We offer good applicant experience, a summer job that is fulfilling, we commit to quality introduction to work, fair and equal treatment at work place, a salary that matches the workload and outright we hope to offer a good summer job experience.

Summer job campaign was visible in ARNON’s social media channels and in schools around Finland. – Our aim was to be visible in schools that are located near ARNON’s offices and factories so that as many young people as possible would have the possibility to get information on the open jobs we have at ARNON. We also wanted to get the best people working with us for the coming summer.

We announced the open summer jobs already in February. There was plenty of time to apply for the jobs, the applications were open until the end of March. We received astounding amount of 400 applications during the spring. The most popular post was Delivery Projects Trainee-post in Vaasa with 116 applications. The applicants were interviewed during March and April. At the end of April all applicants had received information about the results of the recruiting process.

Was the campaign a success? Yes, it was! We received a great amount of good applications and our visibility at the schools was very strong. Even if we can’t hire all the future diamonds this summer, the job may open in the future summers. This year our summer team of experts consists of pros from the summers before and new pros to be.

“Responsible summer job-campaign is a valuable reminder to any employer in basic employment related issues. The campaign also reminds our staff to keep in mind that there are new young people entering working life and their introduction and guidance is extremely important. We are looking forward to the coming summer – we have the most amazing team of pros!“ Anni-Maria finishes.