The company currently has ongoing recruitment in Finland, Sweden, and Poland.

– ARNON’s appeal as an employer is evident from the number of applications. We receive up to 70 applications for each vacancy that we advertise. And open applications come in on a regular basis, Ms. Kauppila rejoices.

During the last year, ARNON has recruited several key persons for the purpose of achieving growth. The company’s year-long recruitment plan foreshadows the continuation of the “recruitment rumba” for quite some time.

– We receive applications from all types of individuals, both from within the branch and from other sectors. We also get a lot of interest from thesis students and persons looking for traineeships, which is great. ARNON works closely with various educational institutions, and traineeships provide a good path to the working life at our company, Ms. Kauppila tells.

The company sees recruitment as an investment in the future.

– I greatly enjoy recruitment-related tasks. Together with recruiting managers, we are privileged to be a part of creating new Arnonians already before their first day at work, helping our future employees create a relationship with us, and demonstrating in practice the nature of the company, Ms. Kauppila describes the significance of her work.

And lastly a little tip: ARNON’s recruitment page is always active, so be sure to check out the company’s vacancies!