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We asked our summer intern, Juhani, a few questions about his summer at ARNON. Juhani also gave some stellar tips for future summer workers!

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20-year-old Juhani Koppinen spent his summer at ARNON as part of the Purchasing Team. Juhani calls himself an adventurer of sorts, and his love of learning new things got to shine in his position as a Purchasing Trainee. Some of his tasks included order confirmation & invoice processing in SAP ERP, B2B collaboration, and extensive data processing using multiple different spreadsheet programs.

Juhani garnered important experience during the summer months he spent here at ARNON. He also became part of the ARNON community and spent memorable moments with many of his coworkers.

"Being part of the Purchasing Team here at ARNON was an enjoyable experience. The atmosphere is relaxed, and there's a true sense of team spirit at the workplace. The people are a fun punch, and we've taken lunch trips to a nearby sushi buffet and even had a pub quiz style after-work event in the summer!"

Juhani describes himself as someone who takes an efficient approach to work and learns new things quickly. During his summer period at ARNON, Juhani strove to garner more responsibility and take on new challenges. The team was happy to teach him purchasing best practices and develop his skills in the purchasing sphere. Juhani’s collaborative nature and willingness to learn allowed him to get more responsibility in relatively quick succession.

“The work at ARNON felt meaningful, and I felt like a valued part of the workplace community. It’s great to notice the impact your contribution has on the company. Additional tasks and responsibilities are there for you to take if your abilities and ambitions line up. I urge everyone to voice their aspirations and take on more responsibility if they want it! Perform to the best of your ability, but don’t stress too much. Nobody is perfect, and mistakes can happen. Luckily you don’t have to be afraid of making them here at ARNON.”

Juhani’s comments above are great tips for everyone seeking a summer job here at ARNON. He also advises everyone to be proactive while searching for summer job opportunities. If you’re interested in a company and they think your talents could be utilized, sending an open application is a great idea.

"It's possible that your job description, responsibilities, and environment have fast-paced changes. It's important to be able to adapt to new & diverse situations and be motivated and willing to learn", Juhani concludes.

Juhani’s summer at ARNON has come to an end, and his studies at Tampere University are moving on full throttle. We wish him all the best in the future!

ARNON has Summer Trainees every year & we hire talent to different positions year around, make sure to keep an eye on our Careers page.

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