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We asked Toni Stenman and Topias Välimäki if they had any advice for the future summer workers.

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Toni Stenman works at ARNON Tampere as an assembler. He Started his career as a summer worker. He knows well what it takes to get a good summer job experience.

“I think positive attitude is crucial to a successful summer at work. Keep in mind you also get valuable experience for your future. You do not learn the real work at school, you learn it by doing it in practice”, says Toni Stenman.

One thing that affects the work experience is good introduction to work. It’s unpleasant to work on something you are not entirely sure of. It’s nice to have someone you can ask for advice and support.

Toni’s advice for future summer workers is to be interested on the work you are doing. Great attitude leads to other great working opportunities.

Topias Välimäki works at ARNON Kauhava as Project Engineer. He also started his career at ARNON as a summer worker. He has great experience from that summer because his colleagues were so helpful and eager to teach him how things are done.

For Topias a successful summer job experience means learning new things, getting valuable work experience and possibly getting a long-term job.

It’s important to be willing to learn new things even if it may take time and effort. Topias gives a good example, learning formal writing in English is important for today’s engineer.

“A great summer job experience has a lot to do with attitude but also the way your colleagues are committing to introducing the work place and tasks for you. Mentoring a possible future colleague properly might help them later”, Topias summarises.

It’s a simple spell but quite unbreakable: All it takes from you is to be eager to learn new things and to be ready for challenges.

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