Responsible choices

RESPONSIBILITY is an essential part of business. For me personally, being a part of making significant things happen has always been important. I feel privileged to be able to take part in solving global chal­lenges with modern technology together with ARNON’s employees and clients.

In an article on this magazine, Kimmo Tiilikainen, the Minister of the Environment, Energy and Housing, talks about how individuals and companies can make responsible choices for sustainable development and how technology opens new opportunities. The Minister encourages Finland to be active in utilizing new technology in order to meet the ambitious climate objectives.

Sustainable development is already mainstream. Renewable energy, zero waste and circular economy have rammed out. Digitalization creates new opportunities to boost the utilization of new energy solutions and to decrease energy consumption. Together with its clients ARNON is in the forefront of this development.

Responsibility makes sense also businesswise. Consumers want to make more sustainable choices. With social media the transparency in delivery chains has increased. To succeed in business, responsibility is required. Responsibility leads into enhanced effectiveness of operations and yields higher added value resulting in improved financial performance of companies that operate responsively.

Key element in reaching ambitious goals is people. To my delight I have noticed how ARNON employees have enthusiastically taken steps to build the future together with our clients. We have also hired new people and we have invested in personnel training. Succeeding together inspires.