Arnon - Valmet, Arnon and ABB: A successful cooperation for Alas Doradas tissue paper factory

Valmet, Arnon and ABB: A successful cooperation for Alas Doradas tissue paper factory

Alas Doradas, one of the largest manufacturers of tissue paper in Central America, placed an order with Valmet in January 2020, just before the global COVID-19 pandemic started. After all the global challenges of recent years, the finish line is close: the installation will begin shortly.

The Alas Doradas’ order consists of a tissue production line, including a de-inking plant and an extensive automation package for the factory in El Salvador. The new tissue machine will add 35 000 tons tissue paper per year to Alas Doradas’ current production of high-quality toilet tissue, napkins, and kitchen towels.

Valmet is known as the world’s leading company in tissue making business.

– It is not only about the technical quality and innovative solutions but also the support we provide with our clients during the whole process from planning to installation and the entire life cycle of the factory, says Anders Moberg, responsible for the electrical instrumentation and process control in Valmet.

Arnon and ABB: long-term collaboration yields fruitful results

Valmet chose Arnon to supply the electrification and automation package for the project. The Alas Doradas tissue production line order is the biggest Valmet project for Arnon so far.

The largest unit delivered by Arnon in this project is the multidrive that controls the motors of the paper machine itself.

Like many smaller tissue machines, the Alas Doradas machine uses the return concept. The supply unit captures the braking energy of the tissue machine and feeds it into the grid. With the braking energy, the factory can almost run the yankee cylinder for free.

Arnon’s solutions for the project are based on ABB’s equipment so the project team worked in close co-operation with ABB specialists. As a member of ABB’s Value Provider Program since 2019, Arnon has a solid relationship with ABB.

– The close collaboration is in line with the market approach in Sweden. Arnon and ABB fit very well together. We perform excellent in the joint approach towards selected customers and segments, says Jörgen Hedström, sales director at Arnon.

"I have nothing negative to say about the project or our cooperation with Arnon."

Good communication helps solve the issues of a one of a kind project

According to Arnon’s solution manager Lasse Jouppila, the project is a typical example of an electrification and automation project: When developing a new solution, numerous aspects require definition and clarification. But when information is shared continuously between the parties, surprises and challenges can be avoided.

– Initially, we specified the motors and frequency converters together with ABB, based on Valmet’s technical specifications of their tissue machine. We designed the drive cabinet mechanics, circuit diagrams and the busbars: how to connect the supply units and inverters, what kind of circuit breakers to be used, and what kind of busbars are necessary. Together with Valmet, we clarified the usage of safety circuits, as well as the requirements for communication to Valmet’s control system, Jouppila says.

– In this kind of made-to-order project, there are always new issues to solve, as the requirements are specific for the client. Together we can create value for the client and deliver solutions that fully meet their needs, says Patrik Tikka, product manager for frequency converters at ABB.

All in all, the cooperation was a success.

– During the project, we realized that working with Arnon was very easy, and the company is very service minded. Technically, they were fully capable of meeting our demands. I have nothing negative to say about the project or our cooperation with Arnon, Anders Moberg says.

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