Data refined to information creates knowledge. We provide KNOWLEDGE services to our customers. Knowledge can create value and it is the key to our customers’ success.

Our knowledge services portfolio contains our ARNON SKY cloud platform, ARNON EDGE field connectivity solutions, and all the services needed in creating data collection systems and connectivity. What makes us superior in the field of knowledge, is that we have the practical expertise of connecting also all the various legacy systems and devices to our client’s data based services. Connectivity is the tool to gain valuable information to be utilized in making better business, and for this we have all the aces in our hands. Knowledge services include configurations, working with various communication protocols, commissioning, E&I management, (enclosures, HW engineering, manufacturing, delivery), productization, tailoring, RnD, concepting and life-cycle support.


ARNON SKY cloud services are developed for providing value to customers. ARNON SKY collects, stores, refines and shares the data customers’ assets with high capability but with a small expense.

ARNON SKY is our cloud platform that is built for demanding high capacity use, originally in marine and power generation applications but applied at a variety of different industries today. We started the development before the term IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) was widely popular or over-hyped, as we had a vision of where the world will go to in terms of automation, remote monitoring, supervision, data collection and analytics.

As an IIoT platform, ARNON SKY builds of data collector & communication hardware, software drivers and services, cloud storage and HMI’s & API’s – just like any other IIoT platform. Our specialty is the terrifying capacity of connecting practically unlimited amount of devices to the cloud and especially how to manage that with reasonable cost. We’ve actually run tests with 10,000,000 analog signals per second to the cloud. Other IIoT platforms will not give you that kind of scale easily, if at all. And by using other platforms your monthly invoices will rapidly shoot through the roof. To minimize the cost, we have heavily optimized our platform for the core requirements of industrial customers.

“Everyone is talking about cloud services, but nobody mentions the costs – there has been almost no public debate about this. There must be the competences in place to do everything correctly from the very beginning in order for costs to remain at a sensible level. We have financially optimized the use of the cloud to ensure that we do not use or do anything that is not necessary.”

– Harri Lamminen, ARNON CEO


Are you having a hard time gathering consistent field data from multiple hardware sources? With our multi-interfaced IoT connectivity solution, your troubles are gone. We call it ARNON EDGE.

ARNON EDGE IoT solution is designed to gather and send data to cloud platforms. It is an enabler of your remote services, where the role of field data is essential.

The solution features rapid data collection, data processing, live data, data package sending capability and is secured by layered and push only technologies.

ARNON EDGE can be implemented to several industrial environments with variable hardware interfaces and also for legacy devices.

Originally ARNON EDGE is developed for the CBM services and verified by demanding industrial customer.

Now it is available for everyone!


Our aim is to gain success to our customers through connectivity. We have the skills to connect variety of equipment and machinery from different technological generations to modern data driven ecosystems. We also make it easy to our clients – they only need to tell us what they want to achieve. We will apply our skills and tools to make the goal and vision to realise. It doesn’t really matter how many, what kind, how old, what size or what type of assets we need to connect. Focus on solving your or your customer’s business challenge – we will manage all the tech stuff for you.


Logistics is hard. Millions of machines, devices and spare parts travel the globe via air, sea and ground. Accidents are unavoidable. Sometimes your cargo and business will be affected.

To minimize delay and harm to your customers, it’s important to be able to react quickly when something goes wrong. PackAware notifies you automatically when it detects something has happened to your cargo. The ability to detect and react in time will minimize impact of the incident and make you succeed in your business. Leverage the benefits of modern Industrial Internet era tools in your business to inspire confidence and trust in your customers.