Electrification and automation systems for the marine industry

We know the demanding conditions of the shipping industry

The demanding conditions of the shipping industry pose particular challenges to the systems delivered to ships. The needs of our customers and also the regulations related to the shipbuilding industry set high quality requirements for manufacturing and the components used.

We have decades of knowledge and experience of how extreme conditions should be taken into account in the design and implementation of electrification and automation systems. We ensure that our installation methods and choice of materials meet the necessary requirements.

Experience creates cost-effectiveness

We supply our partners in the marine segment with complete systems or system parts that are integrated into, for example, propulsion systems, engines, deck machinery for power distribution, or a vessel’s control system. We also carry out conversion projects and provide electrification and automation solutions for harbor infrastructure. With knowledge of specific needs and requirements, we are able to optimize and harmonize engineering to ensure a cost-effective end result.


Close cooperation with maritime classification societies

We work in close cooperation with maritime classification societies and take into account the requirements they set at all stages of design and implementation. For our part, we also bear environmental responsibility and strive to ensure that our solutions and our operations have minimal impact on the environment.