Electrification and automation systems for the mining industry

Automation accelerates the development of mining production

Mining production is experiencing a period of transition, driven by the requirements for human safety, as well as automation and electrification. Our considerable expertise in electrification and automation supports our customers in this transformation. We have accumulated our expertise through years of experience in close cooperation with global operators in the mining and earthworks industries.

We take into account the requirements of mining production

Challenging mining conditions require extreme durability from the equipment being used. Heat and humidity and various types of vapors put the equipment at risk of greater wear and tear and breakage than would usually be the case. We take into account the requirements of the conditions in all phases, from engineering to the choice of components and materials, and from assembly to delivery of the final product – not forgetting efficiency and functionality.

Automation enables responsibility

Increasing automation in mines improves the level of responsibility and the safety of mining operations. Previously, in tight and narrow tunnels, vehicles carrying ore were operated by a driver. With the introduction of unmanned mining vehicles, we have seen a reduction in the number of injuries.  For example, Arnon supplies parts to systems that enable the independent movement of mining equipment in the mine, as well as remote operation from further away from the mine. With automation, the productivity of the mine increases significantly: up to twice as many tons can be mined during a shift compared to previously.


"The flexibility of the business model with Arnon has been quite good for us. It has given us the ability to work together with a partner we trust and with whom we can scale up our business together as a team, Hallett says."

– David Hallett, Vice President, Automation Sandvik