Electrification and automation systems for renewable energy

Solutions for startups and global corporations

Renewable energy has grown into an important customer segment over the past decade through our response to customer needs: we have delivered electrification and automation solutions to energy startups and global operators, such as industrial plants and wind power stations. For needs related to the quality of electricity, we also utilize the expertise of our subsidiary – TKF Power Quality.

We operate on a wide scope with the customer as our focus

Our offerings include various electrification and automation solutions for energy production: instrumentation, drives, as well as connectivity and data transfer solutions. All the comprehensive solutions and system integrations we implement and supply are subject to pre-testing at our factory prior to delivery. Thanks to our wide scope and customer-oriented understanding of needs, we can also implement large comprehensive solutions in an agile and flexible manner. Energy sector projects also benefit from our knowledge of legislation, as well our as cybersecurity expertise.

We are involved in the implementation of new ways of producing energy

Increased environmental awareness, solutions for distributed energy production, needs regarding security of supply, and many other factors are constantly increasing the pressure on developing renewable forms of energy. We take our responsibility seriously and want to improve our level of readiness, as well as that of our partners and society at large in addressing energy needs in a sustainable manner.


"Arnon is a truly skilled specialist. There’s a demand for their expertise even outside Finland."

– Aki Kulmala, Global Sales Manager, ABB Drives