Arnon - ABB and Arnon: Close cooperation for the benefit of customers


Arnon has been a part of ABB's Value Provider Program since 2019 and is now a partner of ABB. The partnership is based on a cooperation that spans several years.

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Arnon is a Finnish industrial expert company that provides electrical and automation services mainly to machinery, equipment and system suppliers operating in the marine, mining and renewable energy sectors. Arnon is headquartered in Tampere, Finland and employs approximately 300 professionals in Finland, Sweden and Poland.

Arnon has been a part of ABB’s Value Provider Program since 2019 and is now a partner of ABB. The partnership is based on cooperation that spans several years.

“Arnon had a strong desire to develop as a provider of frequency converter solutions, and joining the Value Provider partner program was a clear strategic decision for the company,” says Jukka Kiiltomäki, Key Account Manager at ABB. “This suited us perfectly, as Arnon’s areas of expertise are an excellent complement to our own offering.”

Arnon and ABB cooperate in PLC automation and frequency converter solutions. Arnon’s areas of expertise include the installation of electrical switchboards in demanding environments. Thanks to the partnership, installations can be tailored to customer needs more easily and flexibly.

Bringing together the best

ABB’s Value Provider Program has been in operation for nearly two decades. The program includes both system suppliers and technical retailers, as well as after-sales service providers and wholesalers.

“We have a limited number of partners in Finland, all of whom have been selected based on quality,” says Jukka Kiiltomäki. “The company must have the desire to develop and work together, and we must have the prerequisites for success with shared customers.”

Communication between the parties is active and fruitful. “We speak over the phone several times a week, sometimes daily,” says Kiiltomäki.

Partnership brings credibility

“ABB has the best product range in the industry, and as a partner, we are able to add a great deal of value to the specific fields in which we operate,” says Jouni Mäki, Chief Product Officer at Arnon. “We implement solutions for exceptionally cold, hot, or dusty environments, for example. Right now, many of our customers are also interested in outsourcing larger parts of their operations to trusted suppliers. Thanks to our cooperation with ABB, we are able to offer our customers more extensive service than before.”

ABB’s global service network has also been a significant advantage for Arnon. “Since a large part of our deliveries are exported to international tech companies, we need to be confident that maintenance is available globally if necessary,” Mäki says.

Close cooperation with designated partners has traditionally been a rarity among industrial companies specialising in switchboards. Arnon actively promotes its partnership with ABB to its customers. “Together with ABB, we are able to implement exactly what our customers need more easily and faster. The partnership with ABB has been very fruitful, and the feeling is certain to be mutual,” Mäki sums up.

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