“The importance of local presence cannot be underestimated. We have been building a sales organization in Sweden while looking for an opportunity to bring production to Sweden as well”, says Arnon CEO Harri Lamminen. “B.O. Park combines long-standing expertise, processes and a constant desire to develop, so this acquisition is a great match for our needs.”

The corporate acquisition provides an excellent foundation for Arnon’s growth in Sweden and elsewhere in Europe, improving Arnon’s scalability and bringing the company closer to customers in the Scandinavian region.

Founded in 1944, AB B.O. Park is a second generation family-owned company that has grown from an electrical engineering workshop to a developer and manufacturer of electric automation supplying its products globally.

AB B.O. Park’s owner and CEO Leif Thalberg is delighted at the expanding opportunities that this acquisition brings to both employees and customers.

“I greatly appreciate the fact that the corporate acquisition allows us to provide our customer with broader expertise and, on the other hand, that it offers a natural growth path for our employees’ competence”, says AB B.O. Park CEO Leif Thalberg, who will continue in his current post under Arnon.