Mainly the answers were such as customer orientated, productive, appreciative and developing company culture. After a short break we came back with these topics and together as a team formulated our core values based on the personnel’s opinions and insights. Our core values were named: winning, partners and personnel – simple words, but with lots of meaning. We see our values as a triangle: each side needs to be taken care of in order to succeed.

To us winning means attitude – it drives us further. It also signifies the way we handle our mistakes or challenges – we learn from those and win next time! The other values, partners and personnel, are all about the people – only the aspect changes. Companies themselves don’t do anything, people in and around them do. Personnel is value for us because we really care and take responsibility of the well-being of our people. Together as a team we promote renewal and influence our future. All of us have an important role in this puzzle and that’s why every single one of us is needed.

With in-depth understanding of our partners needs we can help them to succeed. With the help of our customer intimacy strategy we feel the pulse of our partners’ businesses and can exceed their expectations – This truly matters to us at ARNON. To be able to boost our partners competitiveness we also aim in long-lasting and well considered partnerships with all our selected suppliers – Enabling best quality and total cost efficiency.

These are the reasons why we succeed together. Hand in hand with our personnel, partners and suppliers driven by winning attitude – all of us will be winners.

We are proud to stand behind our values. This is our ARNON.