– Arnon is a viable operator when customers seek a partner for wider international activities. Daring to go to a bigger market is a condition of success, Jarmo Puputti, the chairman of the board at Arnon lines out. – If you only limit yourself to operating in the domestic market, your competitors will be sure to challenge you.

Internationalization is facilitated by Arnon’s shift from factory-based operations to more extensive customer relationship management as a process organization within a couple of years. In this case, the best possible resources can be used to meet the needs of each customer.

Arnon internationalizing alongside its customers

The local presence is also relevant. In Sweden, the company has a sales manager, and during the last year, trade has begun to emerge in a whole new way. In Poland, Arnon has its own factory.

– Arnon has long had international customers through which internationalization has developed through a natural route. Growth is generated through one’s own strengths, by expanding the existing network and utilizing good references, Puputti says. – The traditional bush radio principle also works in the business world.

The right answers can be found by asking the right questions

For Jarmo Puputti, developing a business is both a work and a hobby. In addition to Arnon’s chairmanship, Puputti, group CEO of the timber wholesaler Puumerkki, is a member of the board of JC Inertial, a positioning technology startup, and also belongs to the board of the small brewery Nokian Panimo and to the franchising partner operations at the M-Room barbershop chain.

– There are similarities in all business development, Puputti says. – You can never assume that you know enough about an issue yourself, but instead, you need to consider what is the most critical thing for the company. Correct answers can be found through the right questions.

As the chairman of the board, Puputti rejoices at the rapid development of Arnon in recent years.

– Arnon has been ready to grow along with the customer needs, even though it sometimes means stepping onto the area of discomfort. At the same time, the whole organization has had the chance to experience how much fun it is to develop and what kind of new opportunities it will open for both the company and individual talents.