Strategy work is never complete. In the business world, change is the one true constant. The discussion on strategy and its implementation should be ongoing, and the perspectives of different stakeholders should be taken into consideration.

In 2022, the Arnonians will discuss what Arnon’s strategy means to each team. The results of these discussions will then be shared internally in the company newsletter.

‘- It’s an ongoing challenge to implement strategy throughout the organization. We want to make our strategy a discussion topic for everyone in the company. At the same time, our views on our strategy develop even further, as we consider it from different points of view, says Chief Commercial Officer Kari Lehto.

During the first quarter of the year, Arnon sales, HR and HSEQ teams have gathered to work on their thoughts on the company’s strategy and their role in its implementation. During the rest of the year, design, production, purchasing, the management team… everyone will be invited to present their perspectives.

As the sales team came together to consider how the strategy and Must Win Battles will be reflected in their work, they realized that the Arnon Must Win Battles (Growth mission, Customer experience and Organizational competence) form a triangle: they support each other perfectly.

In short, the sales team felt that when things get done and the mood is right, results will follow.

From the perspective of the HR team, Must Win Battles form a challenge that can be solved via recruitment, development of personnel experience, and continuous development of competence. HSEQ team pointed out that as the company grows, many requirements increase.

– Strategy work based on the sales perspective was productive and opened up new points of view that we hope the rest of the organization will benefit from. I look forward to hearing the views of the other teams and the opportunity to draw new insights into the work of the sales team, Lehto says.

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